2023: The Year of Short-Form Video Content
In this article we'll explain why you should take advantage of this rapidly rising trend and how your business can do so successfully!
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7 Reasons Why You Should Have Video on Your Website
In the last five years, video has become part of our daily online life. So if you're not already utilizing it in your business strategy – now's your chance!
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Investing in video content can create a vast amount of brand awareness. However, a video is only as effective as its editing. A video ad spot should be edited for the platform it is going to be featured on. For example a ten second video is better suited for a platform like Instagram rather than...
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PMC Media Group award
In the sea that is the oversaturated marketplace of social media, highly sought after “free stuff” remains afloat. A concept that’s stood the test of time, free stuff continues to garner instant attention, even amongst your cluttered timeline. But however old the phenomenon of getting something-for-nothing may be, the modern consumer is ever evolving. Effective...
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PMC media group captioning videos on social media
We’ve all been there; scrolling through social media while waiting in a doctor’s office, on the train to work, waiting for your food order, or while someone else is talking the phone. Now how many times are you clicking on videos and watching with the sound off? I bet more often than not.
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In 2017, we have seen a breakthrough in video production. With new technology, there are new ways to capture video better than ever before. New technology like video resolution and drones are what the new craze is about. There are also other pieces of new technology that are changing the video industry.    The first...
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Since way back in the flip phone days of 2004, Facebook has been a social media innovator. Their newest change is a form of advertising, the mid roll video ad. These mid roll ads are similar to the ads that you skip as fast as you can before videos on YouTube, but instead of pf playing before the video, they are played in the middle of videos and...
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In the world we live in today, just about everyone is thoroughly emerged in their phones, whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.  Whatever it may be, it is hard to ignore all of the newest and hottest features that have been emerging recently.  One of the latest and most popular new features is...
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