2023: The Year of Short-Form Video Content

2023: The Year of Short-Form Video Content

As short-form videos have skyrocketed in popularity on platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts over the past few years, users eagerly devour this bite-sized content for both entertainment and information. This upward trend is projected to continue into 2023; as such, it’s important that businesses keep up with the times by utilizing these lightning quick clips for their own benefit. In this article we’ll explain why you should take advantage of this rapidly rising trend and how your business can do so successfully!

If this were last year, I would have warned you to be cautious of betting everything on this trend since it was so fresh and could not guarantee a long-term success.

Forget about traditional long-form videos and embrace the power of short-form! These types of videos are sure to boost your engagement and help you make a lasting impression with an audience. Don’t think that only Gen Xers will be interested, though – TikTok’s user base is growing older all the time, with 53% being over 30 years old already. Moreover, by posting content on other social media platforms like Instagram and Reels as well, you can easily reach out to even more mature audiences.

Why will short-form videos grow in popularity for businesses?

Short-form films are expected to remain a top choice for businesses due to their tremendous shareability. With an average length of 15 seconds – 1 minute, these videos are easily watched, shared and reposted on social media pages quickly by users. Leveraging short-form film content is a powerful way to increase brand visibility and reach an extended audience. When done properly, the video can be shared thousands of times and potentially connect with millions of people. This has the potential to drive traffic to your website or social media accounts, which will then likely lead to heightened engagement rates and increased sales!

As businesses come to understand the value of short-form videos, they are becoming an increasingly popular choice – and for good reason! Not only do these require fewer resources than traditional video content, but also with a smartphone you can easily produce them. Furthermore, there are various tools available which allow you to edit and publish your videos quickly so that even if you’re on a tight budget or don’t have access to expensive production equipment, creating high-quality content is now within reach.

Given the quick pace of social media and our limited attention spans, short-form videos offer an ideal way to grab your audience’s focus. In such a saturated environment with so much content being shared online, it can be hard for businesses to stand out from their competition. Short-form videos excel in this space thanks to its concise yet powerful nature; they will help you capture your target market’s attention and drive traffic directly to your website or social media pages.

What are the leading short-video platforms?

From a business standpoint, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts are the top-tier platforms. Each one provides businesses with numerous advantages that can be used to grow brand recognition, interact with their audience members, as well as drive more visitors directly to their website or social media profiles.

With an influential, captivated user-base, TikTok is a desirable platform for businesses hoping to reach younger demographics. By creating riveting and imaginative videos on the app that go viral, companies are able to heighten their brand exposure and bring more traffic to their website or social media pages.

Businesses can take full advantage of Instagram Reels and its incredible potential. As it is integrated into the Instagram platform, companies have the opportunity to easily promote their content across multiple social media channels – broadening their reach and boosting engagement with customers. Moreover, #hashtags and user tagging are available in IG Reels; making it easier for businesses to be discovered by those that matter most: potential customers!

YouTube Shorts offers businesses an exciting opportunity to tap into the abundant potential of one of the world’s most popular video-sharing platforms. With its huge user base, companies can easily create and share short clips on YouTube; this helps them increase brand exposure and drive web traffic from these videos to their main website or other social media outlets. This is just another way for brands to grow their reach even further!

With TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts leading the way in short-form film production, businesses everywhere are reaping the rewards of creating video content for their brands. These platforms allow companies to boost visibility, build relationships with customers, and drive traffic back to website or social media pages – giving them a competitive edge in an ever-changing marketplace. According to HubSpot’s 2022 report on marketing trends 54% of all companies used some form of short-form video last year alone! So why not put your business ahead by leveraging these powerful tools?

How can businesses leverage short-form videos?

Companies can capitalize on the effectiveness of short-form videos to enhance their product or service promotion. A few methods of doing so include:

  • Post short-form videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to connect with a wider audience and engage with potential customers.
  • Educate your customers by creating helpful how-to videos or product demonstrations, so they can understand the true value of your products and services and learn how to make the most out of them.
  • Use short-form videos to showcase customer testimonials or reviews to build trust and credibility with potential customers.
  • If you really want to make a connection with your customers, why not create exclusive behind-the-scenes clips or interviews with the people in your organization who know it best? Get an authentic and personal look at what happens day-to-day by bringing employees or experts into the picture.
  • An intimate experience will be welcomed by your audience!
  • Use short-form videos to announce new products or promotions or provide updates on your business’s latest developments.

Businesses have a plethora of imaginative ways to utilize short-form videos that will not only promote their offerings but also create meaningful connections with prospective customers.

39.4% of companies use short-form videos to sell products/services – HootSuite

How often should a business post its short-form videos?

To achieve the most desirable outcomes, it is recommended that you post content daily – even if you don’t enjoy being on camera. Numerous studies have displayed that a commitment to posting each day will make all the difference in your success across social media networks.

To demonstrate the power of daily videos, Instagram content strategist Dominic Rieger challenged five students to upload a video every day for two months. Those that accomplished this saw an increase in their followership by more than 340 while those who only posted once a week observed an audience growth of 40 or less. This demonstrates just how effective regular posting can be!

What about short video production quality?

Are you apprehensive about producing and posting a video daily? Don’t be! It’s simpler than it may appear. My principal tip is to forget about your production quality – this does not matter at all. Your videos do not need to look like distinguished works of art; those filmed from your phone are more than acceptable. There are several kinds of videos that you can effortlessly generate with minimal forethought and effort.

If you’re feeling stumped, here are some ideas to keep the content coming. Offer short advice clips that provide quick tips, reveal a strategy you use in your work, highlight startling stats related to your niche, give an endorsement of a product or book you love and can’t live without—the possibilities are virtually endless!

If you’re looking for an effective way to communicate your message, short-format videos are a great option. You can talk directly into the camera and have some additional video in the background or use green screen features on mobile devices — whatever works best for you! The possibilities with this format of communication are endless.

To maximize your efficiency, it’s ideal to batch produce all of these short videos within two hours each week. You’ll then have them ready for posting the following week – and considering you can reuse them across three major platforms, the exposure is definitely worth the effort! Don’t worry though; they are typically 15 to 60 seconds in length only.

In conclusion, brief videos have become an impressive and appealing way for businesses to communicate with their followers. These videos enable companies to highlight what they offer and cultivate brand recognition while also increasing customer engagement. By taking advantage of this trend, organizations can boost their reputation, interact with clients effectively, and direct people towards their website or social media pages. Companies would be smart to take advantage of the cost-effective and efficient nature of short-form videos in order to promote their brand, boost sales, and increase bottom line. As such, businesses should strongly consider adding this effective format into their marketing mix.

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