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Nearly two-thirds of American public now own a smartphone of some sort, which is why it’s crucial that business owners make efforts to target potential customers through mobile marketing. Geofencing is a service that triggers an action when a mobile device enters a set location. From coupons to notifications to engagement features to security alerts, businesses...
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If you’ve ever been to New York City, you know Times Square is its own world of advertisements. By simply walking through the sidewalks of 42nd Street, one is exposed to hundreds of advertisements on bright screens and billboards. With so many brands advertising their products and services to the same audiences, how does a...
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By the power of innovative marketing, yes you can! The market is flooded with ways to get your message to your customers. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all leading the charge on the social media front. Go Daddy offers SEO optimization and Google offers Adwords for your website. What do all of these things have...
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Before you go looking for investors and funding, you need to make sure your startup’s business plan is rock solid. Here are some tips to help you develop an outstanding business plan for your early-stage business. Your business plan is going to be the first thing that potential investors look at when you solicit them for money...
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