7 Reasons Why You Should Have Video on Your Website

7 Reasons Why You Should Have Video on Your Website

In the last five years, video has become part of our daily online life. From capturing special moments with family to marketing products and services, streaming video is an effective way to reach prospects and customers. After all, millions of individuals are taking videos with digital cameras or mobile phones before uploading them onto YouTube or Facebook every day! So if you’re not already utilizing it in your business strategy – now’s your chance!

Here at PMC, we foresaw the monumental rise of video marketing and invested in creating a reliable production capability to stay ahead of the curve. Nowadays, it has become one of our core services that must be included for any website or online advertising campaign. We strongly believe that videos should be an essential component for every business!

Storytelling is an integral part of any successful sales pitch, and videos are the ideal method to capture your audience’s attention. People require knowledge in order to make informed decisions; thus, by creating a visual story that viewers can relate to as if it were their own experiences, you will be able to effectively showcase the advantages of your products or services more persuasively than words ever could.

Picture a video that features someone using your product! Instead of just displaying how it works, devise an account of the experience involved with utilizing that product or service. One major rule in branding is making customers stand at the core of all narratives related to your brand. Demonstrating people how they can incorporate your product into their daily routine is one powerful way for them to envision themselves putting it into action.

Videos are a captivating way to keep your viewers engaged and browsing on your website for longer!

Videos that are both brief and informative can captivate your audience much more than merely text or pictures. In truth, people typically linger on websites with video content for 60% longer than those without it; and Google favors webpages where visitors remain for extended periods of time – referred to as “dwell” time. Consequently, incorporating videos into your content is an advantageous tool when seeking higher visibility from search engines!

People work with people, and video helps people get to know, like and trust you.

Videos provide a priceless opportunity to present not only the characteristics of your product or service, but also reveal your identity. You have total control over how you communicate details about what you offer and can use this platform to demonstrate the culture of your company or lifestyle that associates with it. Showcasing yourself in addition to offering insight into what makes your business stand out is an unmatched way to gain potential customers’ interest!

Utilizing storytelling in your content can help you to foster a stronger bond with your audience, thereby fostering trust and creating long-term relationships.

Videos keep your audience interested, no matter your product or service

Even though not every product appeals to a mass market, there is certain niche that holds an interest in what you have to offer. These consumers are doing thorough research into your products and services – they want to see results! Videos give you the chance to demonstrate quickly the advantages of using your product or service with stunning visuals.

Make the most of this opportunity to craft something that will enthrall your viewers and keep them around for more information about your products and brand. The livelier you make your video, the better chance you have of immersing them in your sales environment with a view towards future purchases.

Videos can feel more “alive” than text.

With the written word, you can explain why a customer should purchase your product. But more often than not, people would rather watch a video to gain a deeper insight into what they are buying. Video grants customers an immersive experience – it shows off all that your product is capable of and lets them virtually meet the individuals they will be working with. Hearing, seeing and feeling through videos evoke powerful emotions in viewers which allows for meaningful connections between them and your company or product. Dynamic video gives you the opportunity to showcase everything that makes your offering unique!

Videos are fast and convenient.

Do you have a passion for your business? Speak up and let the world know about it! At PMC Media Group, we’ve perfected numerous ways to make people feel at ease in front of the camera. Moreover, interview-style videos are an excellent way to share your story with others. If you’re hesitant about creating a video for your company, our experienced team is here to assist – from scriptwriting and on-camera coaching, down to making sure that you look and sound great!

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