Business Strategies
2023: The Year of Short-Form Video Content
In this article we'll explain why you should take advantage of this rapidly rising trend and how your business can do so successfully!
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7 Reasons Why You Should Have Video on Your Website
In the last five years, video has become part of our daily online life. So if you're not already utilizing it in your business strategy – now's your chance!
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Phone Illustration
Asking your customers for feedback and testimonials is something that today's businesses can do to get an edge over their competition.
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If you're reading this, it's likely because you understand how crucial Google reviews are for any local business.
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Graphic of man giving Google Review
Amazon reviews are always one of the first things that I check before hit “add to cart.” If an item has five stars based on 1,000 reviews, then it lends a lot more credibility to the product and makes me much more likely to buy it.
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Social Media
Instagram Reels have been a game-changer for marketers since they were introduced in 2020. The ability to discover content on the Meta-owned social media channel has never been easier, and brands are finding success by incorporating short-form video into their Instagram content strategies. The potential for generating revenue through Instagram Reels is practically limitless. However,...
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1. Define your goal Before you get started, figure out what you want to gain from social media marketing. Is it a way to be seen? Do you want your business more known? Do you wish to increase awareness of your brand? Or do you intend to attract new clients? Knowing precisely why you’re using...
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The world of social media is ever-changing, and updates always come to our left and right from both a business and a personal standpoint! Marketing professionals everywhere are consistently evolving and strategizing about how to utilize the largest marketing platforms in the world for innovative, groundbreaking campaigns and unique concepts to reach the masses.   Do you remember way back when your...
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It’s to no surprise that technology evolves towards satisfying our human need for simplistic use, interaction, and communication. Nowadays there are numerous ways for us to communicate across the globe with just a flick of our thumb. With that being said, the focus on how websites are built will also evolve in order to satisfy the same human need for UI/UX, and communication. Here...
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Social Media Trends
Social media, like most things in the last 2 years, had to pivot the way companies used it to maximize their marketing strategy. During 2021, we noticed a lot of previously successful tactics being used, while also seeing an increase in less popular strategies. Social media is continuing to take the front row in the...
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