The world of social media is ever-changing, and updates always come to our left and right from both a business and a personal standpoint! Marketing professionals everywhere are consistently evolving and strategizing about how to utilize the largest marketing platforms in the world for innovative, groundbreaking campaigns and unique concepts to reach the masses.  

Do you remember way back when your favorite social media platform was born? Instagram was created back in 2010, Facebook in 2004, LinkedIn in 2002, and Twitter in 2006. I’m sure you can imagine the metamorphosis these social media giants have gone through since their inception! 



With a strong start in 2010, Instagram was the leading photo-sharing app! With filters to perfect the look of your images and personal profiles that showed a snapshot of your life, Instagram quickly became a staple in growing businesses’ online presence.  

Now, Instagram profiles are carefully curated, planned, and edited to show only the most ideal snapshots of a user’s life or strong highlights of their business. With features such as reels, tap to shop, stories with polling options, and so much more – Instagram is a powerhouse when connecting with the world. Different profile types were rolled out and the age of influencers boomed!  

Including Instagram in your social media strategy is critical in reaching your friends, family, fans, and customer base! 



Kicking off in 2004, Facebook began as a way to connect with friends and family from around the world! Updating statuses and chatting with friends via PM was a quick form of entertainment after a long work or school day.  

Now, Facebook has changed its parent company name to Meta in order to host its family of products! Viral videos are still spreading like wildfire, advertising has reached a whole new level, and businesses are able to reach their customers/potential customers more efficiently than ever before with dozens of ways to run ads and hit target markets. 

Facebook is a huge tool in running your business on a digital scale, a great way to pull analytics, and strategize on how your campaigns should move forward 




This professional networking platform, born in 2002, has now turned into one of the leading ways to search for open positions, connect with industry professionals, learn about trends in your chosen field, and so much more! There are so many features that will come in handy for use in your professional life, and tons of ways to soak in knowledge.  

Share informational articles, connect with companies you love, and learn about what they’re up to, and so much more – LinkedIn is a huge asset for any working professional and especially, any B2B company! 



Short snippets reign on this popular platform! Starting back in 2006, Twitter was the go-to place to update everyone about anything and everything – from the most life-altering moments to the most mundane of tasks. Originally with a character limit of 140, short snippets were all you could get out! 

Fast forward to 2021 where the character limit doubled to 280, and content is far-spreading from news, to trending videos, industry topics, and more. Have something groundbreaking to share? Twitter is the platform to announce it on! Perfect for news and other attention-grabbing pieces of content, including Twitter in your marketing strategy for 2022 could make your brand extraordinary. 


Social media is a huge asset when it comes to promoting your business and sharing what you’re all about! It’s crucial to not only include a robust social media strategy in your marketing plans for 2022 but to adapt to the new changes each platform brings throughout the year!  

Build your brand where the world is watching and call the social media experts at PMC Media Group! We’ll refresh your strategy and ensure that your digital footprint is impactful and always evolving with the times. Our strategists are ready to create! (401) 667-7777 https://pmcne.com/  


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