Investing in video content can create a vast amount of brand awareness. However, a video is only as effective as its editing. A video ad spot should be edited for the platform it is going to be featured on. For example a ten second video is better suited for a platform like Instagram rather than television. While a ten second video would be perfect for social media, on television that length may make the ad get lost in the shuffle of other content. 

Editing can change the length, message, and mood of a video which makes it an effective medium for multi-platform use. A video can be used to tell a brands whole story or just an idea of what the brand is about. Editing can also be used to create unique messages from the same footage. This means that multiple ads with different messages can be created from the same footage by editing it together in a new order. A/B testing can be used to determine which advertisements are most effective and resonate with viewers more. These results can make the process of creating new ads and choosing existing ads to run more efficient.


The platform on which an advertisement is intended greatly impacts the ideal length of the ad. On social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook an ad is most effective when it is 15 seconds or less. This is because people are more inclined to stop and watch a shorter ad while scrolling through their feed. 

When creating a short social media ad don’t try to tell a brand’s entire story because there is simply not enough time. Instead, focus on specific aspects of the brand and make separate videos for each. When piecing the ad together, the brand name or logo should appear within the first couple of seconds to ensure that it is seen even if the viewer scrolls by the ad.

An advertisement on a brands website can be as long as desired however it is more effective to create an ad that doesn’t exceed a few minutes. This increases the likelihood that a viewer will watch the video in its entirety. This video should go deeper into a brand’s history, story, and personality.

A television advertisement is typically 15 to 30 seconds in length. These advertisements can tell a short story about the brand and introduce the brand to the viewers. These ads need to be strategically placed. To strategically place an ad a brand must identify its target audience and run the ad in a place and during a time when this audience will be watching.


The message of an ad can change and be reworked by editing the pieces of the ad together in a different way. Shot sequences, on screen words, and voice overs all contribute to the message of an ad. Reworking these pieces can create multiple advertisements with unique messages that work together to create a cohesive whole. 


The mood conveyed by the advertisement can be established using editing. To determine what the mood of an advertisement should be, the brand’s personality and the intended message should be taken into consideration. For example, a funeral home would most likely not create an ad that is upbeat and quickly edited.  

One way to establish a mood in an ad is by using fast or slow edits. A fast edit involves shots that are a couple of seconds or less. In some cases a particular shot may only appear for a few frames. These quick cuts can create the feeling of a fast paced and exciting advertisement. Slow edits involve shots that are more than a couple of seconds long. These edits create the feeling a slower paced more relaxed video. 

Another way to create a mood in piece is choosing a piece of music and editing to its beat. Editing to music can create a more cohesive mood and be more pleasing to watch. A video that is intended to have a more relaxed feel should be edited to a slower paced piece of music. A video that is intended to have an excited feeling should be edited to a more upbeat piece of music.

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