Video Production Trends in 2017

In 2017, we have seen a breakthrough in video production. With new technology, there are new ways to capture video better than ever before. New technology like video resolution and drones are what the new craze is about. There are also other pieces of new technology that are changing the video industry. 


The first trend in 2017 is video resolution, video quality just keeps going up. Not too long ago, 4k was the new resolution after 1080p, but now the resolution is going beyond 4k, we now have 5k, 8k, and even 18k. These resolutions are great and all, but unusable for online video. The internet is just now figuring out 4k video, so it will be awhile before we start using these higher resolutions for video marketing.  



Another trend in 2017 is drone video, the demand for drone video will continue to increase. With drone companies continuing to upgrade drone technology, drone video will continue to improve and become a staple for marketers and creators. The ease of being able to get shots as if they were taken from a helicopter is a must. Arial photography and video will have high demand closing out 2017 and continue to have high demand in 2018. 


Finally, Facebook video is a huge trend in 2017, and will continue to be in the coming years. Facebook has become a vital video marketing platform, with 8 billion video views a day. If you are a marketer and not utilizing Facebook video, you are missing out on brand awareness and customers for your business.  


These are just some of the many new video trends in 2017. These techniques will continue to change and evolve for the future. At PMC Media Group, we are always innovating and evolving with the trends. Online video is the new trend and we want to help you every step of the way – call us today! 

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