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In the world we live in today, just about everyone is thoroughly emerged in their phones, whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.  Whatever it may be, it is hard to ignore all of the newest and hottest features that have been emerging recently.  One of the latest and most popular new features is going  “live” on social media.  Going live is unedited footage that you can put out for the world to see.  One can do this on accounts such as, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


It’s no secret that consumers love the fast paced, constant evolving and immediate entertainment that social media has to offer. Going live is all of those things, and has been a hit for these 3 reasons:



Live interaction: This new feature allows viewers to ask questions while they are recording. It allows you to interact with your audience and give them answers to their questions immediately live on video!


Quantity: It is quite obvious that people value the amount of followers or “likes” they get on social media.  Most people care about the quantity of those likes over the quality or value of those likes.  For example- Girl gets 400 likes on her Instagram beach photo! But 250 of those likes are from unfamiliar accounts.  Resulting in valuing quantity over quality.  In other words, going live gives consumers exactly what they want: quantities of people checking out their live feed.


Raw Content: When posting a photo or video on your social media accounts, you can edit, filter and fix anything that you choose. The new “live” feature is completely off the cuff and you cannot edit what you put out to the world. It gives people a realistic look into someone’s life, not just the superficial, fabricated pictures and videos that people traditionally post.  For this reason, this live feature is extremely attractive to outside viewers.



Not only is this feature significant, exciting, and relevant for personal social media accounts, but it also has great potential to benefit businesses and companies.  Going “live” has possible benefits such as gaining feedback, increasing customer loyalty, question and answer sessions, sharing content fast, announcements, and attraction to your website.  Social media marketing can make large impacts if used professionally.


In general, social media is a great way for businesses to stay linked and on board with the rapid digital changes around us. Here at PMC we constantly strive to stay up on new media trends in order to communicate and share our information!


Now get out there, go live, and share!


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