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Investing in video content can create a vast amount of brand awareness. However, a video is only as effective as its editing. A video ad spot should be edited for the platform it is going to be featured on. For example a ten second video is better suited for a platform like Instagram rather than...
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Hey there! My name is Kendra Dingley and I am a recent graduate of Johnson & Wales University (JWU), and a Social Media Strategist here at PMC Media Group. Before becoming a full-time team member, I started off as an intern during my senior year of college. Thanks to the opportunities and resources available at Johnson &...
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It’s no surprise that psychology and advertising go hand-in-hand.  You also do not have to be a psychologist to understand how to implement psychological thought into your advertising strategy.  Taking a deep dive into consumer behavior and the purchasing habits of your target audience is one of the very first steps that PMC takes prior...
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Often when starting up a business, many entrepreneurs are too caught up in creating their business plan, hiring staff, and making sure daily operations are accounted for to properly brand their new business. When starting up a business, you need to design a logo, choose a color or two, and pick an appealing font. It’s...
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Websites are everything in business today. Having a website for your business, however small it may be, offers a whole new world of fiscal opportunities. Looking for a sandwich shop on a road trip? Ask Siri. Searching for a new gym to join? Google it. In a world of digital saturation, businesses need to strive...
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