Hey there! My name is Kendra Dingley and I am a recent graduate of Johnson & Wales University (JWU), and a Social Media Strategist here at PMC Media Group. Before becoming a full-time team member, I started off as an intern during my senior year of college. Thanks to the opportunities and resources available at Johnson & Wales University, I was able to develop skills only learned through hands-on experience in an agency setting. 


Senior Year 

During my time at JWU, I studied Advertising & Marketing Communications.  I always had an interest in social media but never thought of how I could go into it as a job after college.  I genuinely enjoyed my marketing classes and working with people and I knew that this field would be the right fit.  All my classes were up to date and relevant to today’s trends and insights.  

During my senior year at JWU, I took a social media marketing course which sparked my interest in moving toward that type of marketing.  My professor recommended that I apply for an internship at PMC since she had students intern there in the past.  Before I knew it, I was interviewing for an internship.  It’s always good to be proactive and talk to your professors or people you know because it could lead to amazing opportunities.   


My Internship

I began my internship with PMC in March of 2019.  My internship experience not only helped me build my portfolio, but most importantly, made me realize that social media marketing was exactly the career path I wanted to pursue after graduation.  My hands-on work experience at PMC was something that I didn’t get from class lectures and group projects. During my role as an intern, I created social media content for several of PMC’s clients, contributed to client meetings, wrote blogs, created analytic reports for and collaborated with the social media team on multiple projects.  I was able to ask questions and receive feedback from those working directly in the industry, as well as develop relationships with the PMC team.  Interning helped me learn that I liked working in a boutique agency setting with a tight-knit group of people.  


Q&A with Kendra 

Q: How many internships did you complete while at JWU? How was PMC’s internship program different from others? 

A: I completed three internships while studying at JWU.  PMC’s internship program was by far the biggest learning experience and the most involved I’ve been in a company.  They treat their interns as they would another member of the team and involve you in every project.  


Q: Was it difficult doing an internship in addition to your classwork? 

A: I didn’t find it difficult balancing school and an internship.  Time management is a huge skill that I’m lucky to have developed.  I spent about 18 hours a week at PMC.  The days that I wasn’t at PMC I was at school and would always set aside time at night and on the weekends for studying and homework. 


Q: What was your favorite part about interning at PMC? 

A: My favorite part of being an intern was how quickly I was able to feel like part of the team.  Everybody was incredibly welcoming and really helped me learn a lot.  You’re not just another body that fills a desk when you’re at PMC! 


Q: When is a good time to start looking for an internship? 

A: I started looking for internships during my junior year.  This is a good time in my opinion because you’ll have taken enough classes in your major to go into your internship with some knowledge.  Internships are great for figuring out what career path you want to follow after graduation. 


Q: What do you love most about being a member of the PMC team? 

A: Hmm… well, I’m not sure if I can only pick one thing.  Being located on Main Street is a plus – so many coffee shops for a 2pm coffee run!  PMC ends the day on 2:30 on Friday’s which is a nice kick-off to every weekend.  Each department is always collaborating with one another and we all get along great!  Lastly, I can’t forget the boss… he’s super awesome.  A second family to say the least! 


Hard Work Pays Off 

After my internship with PMC ended in May 2019, I interviewed for a Social Media Strategist position.  Before I even went in for my interview, I knew I wanted to continue working within this company.  I was offered a full-time position and I started in June.  My internship made my transition to full-time so much easier since I was already familiar with several clients and knew everyone on the team 


Internship Opportunities at PMC 

If you have an opportunity to complete an internship, I strongly encourage you take it!  It’s your hands-on work experiences that companies are going to look for when you apply to full-time jobs after graduation.  PMC Media Group is a creative, full-service advertising agency.  Contact us at (401)-667-7777.   

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