It’s no surprise that psychology and advertising go hand-in-hand.  You also do not have to be a psychologist to understand how to implement psychological thought into your advertising strategy.  Taking a deep dive into consumer behavior and the purchasing habits of your target audience is one of the very first steps that PMC takes prior to presenting a comprehensive marketing strategy.


A Forbes article stated that digital marketing experts conducted a study determining that Americans were exposed to a minimum of 4,000 ads per day in 2018.  When thinking back to all the advertisements you have seen today, which ones do you remember? How did they earn your interest?


Making a connection with consumers is key for brands for gaining their trust and ultimately their purchase.  If you are reading this and wondering how the heck you can get people to notice your advertisements and more importantly, remember them, we have put together a simple cheat sheet:

Images vs. Words An advertisement typically contains three aspects: images, words and a branded element like a logo.  Positioning your image(s) to the left of the ad will create fluency and allows the right hemisphere of the brain to better process the creative elements.  While, positioning your words to the right of the ad will help the left side of the brain obtain your messaging clearly.


Using An Emotional Appeal When trying to connect to those who are familiar with your content, it is important to use an emotional appeal.  Digging into your audience’s emotions is going to encourage them to remember you because of what you put out for them made them feel happy or nostalgic or even fearful.  This appeal is more helpful when the people you are targeting already know about your brand.


Humor and Excitement Humor helps to drive memorability and excitement creates a mind and body reaction.  The type size of words in your advertisement will also assist you in conveying emotion by calling attention to specific words or phrases.


The Use of Color Something a lot of people do not realize or forget about when designing an ad is the several ways to use colors to evoke emotion.  The color palette is infinite and colors are one of the best and easiest ways to trigger someone’s emotions while seeing your ad. For instance, red typically makes people feel powerful, orange conveys warmth and energy, yellow makes someone happy, green can mean affluence, blue brings peace and tranquility, purple portrays royalty and creativity, and pink makes a person feel loved.


Using A Rational Appeal A great tactic for a new business is to appeal rationally to an audience.  This can be done by crafting messaging that makes people feel like your product or services are convenient or necessary.  An important factor to consider with new target markets is to be assertive. A new audience is going to fight persuasion because they strictly want the facts and will question if a product or service is really worth their investment.


Now that you have taken in all of these different elements, you are probably wondering where you should start.  PMC Media Group can help assist you with creating a branding strategy that resonates with consumers. Our skilled team know how to effectively incorporate psychology into a marketing strategy that best meets your brand’s needs.  Contact us at 401-667-7777 to schedule a consultation.

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