Importance of Responsive Websites

PMC-FB Blog Post 5Websites are everything in business today. Having a website for your business, however small it may be, offers a whole new world of fiscal opportunities.

Looking for a sandwich shop on a road trip?

Ask Siri.

Searching for a new gym to join?

Google it.

In a world of digital saturation, businesses need to strive to stay on top of the online world, or they will find themselves at the basement, never gaining new customers.  If you can’t be found on the first page of a Google search, and your competitor can, where is the prospective customer going for lunch? That’s right, not your way. You just lost a customer, simply because your online presence could not be felt. Furthermore, I imagine you have unbelievable food, so if you had gotten this customer through the door, you might have turned a first timer into a regular.

Why It Matters

This is where the importance of  user experience and a responsive, easily navigated website comes in. Having a website that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and provides the right information works wonders for your business. A smooth website paired with placing yourself at the top of organic searches, features on review websites like Yelp, and making sure your Google+ information is accurate is so essential in todays business.

Are your hours of operations correct?

Does Google Maps direct your customers to the correct address?

These are key factors in your online presence, and PMC is the best in the state at ALL of them. If you need to upgrade your website or manage your online presence, give PMC a call today!

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