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The social world is always trying to try new things in our lives, and livestreaming is now one of them. Facebook just recently launched its new livestreaming mobile feature, “Facebook Live Video”. Its purpose is to let users broadcast their life in real time. The video is uploaded to the user’s profile once the livestream is finished. This feature will...
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Do I really need a good logo? Yes. 100 times yes. Although you can create and run a business without one, you shouldn’t. This is one of the most common mistakes among small business owners when it comes to making a public presence and growing their business. Many start-ups don’t see a need for one, and...
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Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all industry but all too often we see the same marketing strategy utilized for clients with vastly different marketing needs. There are certain, fundamentally important steps that build the base of any marketing campaign, such as tuning your website for SEO, or maintaining an active social media presence. These evolve as...
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Marketing in the digital age has always gone hand in hand with SEO. Search Engine Optimization is ever changing, ever adapting and finding the time to understand its many quirks can be frustrating. When you spend so many hours growing your business it can be hard to step away from more pressing concerns to research...
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Online advertising works and in this internet and digital age the methods of getting your message to the customer are practically limitless. The question then becomes which of those choices provide tangible results, rather than leaving you feeling like you are shouting into a void? Let us examine some of the most popular selections of...
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