Over the past decade, the way businesses advertise has undergone a major evolution.  With consumers opting into more digital streams, traditional advertising methods have become increasingly inefficient.  Though social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are great tools to gain attention from consumers, these platforms rely on consumers being interested in visiting them.  That leaves the question of how to get your company’s name, products, and services out to potential consumers.  The answer is vehicle wraps!



Vehicle wraps are a relatively straightforward method of advertising.  You can add images, lettering, and other information to laminate, and then apply it to the vehicle.  If your business requires at least a few service vehicles, wrapping can help with brand recognition while helping customers know when your representatives have arrived.  Wraps can be applied to cars, large trucks, vans, or even boats.   Did you know that vehicle wraps generate on average 101 impressions per mile?  80% of people that see a vehicle wrap out on the road remember the brand/product! 



The Benefits:

  1. Unlimited Exposure around town   
  1. Attention Grabber – helps you stay top of mind   
  1. Consumer Friendly – Advertising   
  1. Advertise without effort  
  1. Hard to Miss 



There are many benefits to having a wrapped vehicle, especially when paired with PMC’s creative touch.  We know that a campaign can only be as strong as the creative elements that drive it.  From the simplest logo design to the most comprehensive multi-channel campaign, we develop powerful visuals and thematically consistent messaging that work together to tell your story.  We strategically build a brand identity, using all internal and external communication channels to reinforce and strengthen your image in the market. 

PMC brings your brand to life, giving ideas wings, and getting you noticed.  We blend creativity with process-based development to deliver messages that resonate with your customers. On-time, on target, and within budget.  Get in front of customers with a strategically designed company vehicle by PMC!  Want to learn more or looking to get started on your vehicle wrap?  Contact PMC Media Group!  Call us today at 401-667-7777 or send us a message by filling out this form!


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