Maximizing Your Online Advertising Strategy

Online advertising works and in this internet and digital age the methods of getting your message to the customer are practically limitless. The question then becomes which of those choices provide tangible results, rather than leaving you feeling like you are shouting into a void?

Let us examine some of the most popular selections of the online advertising out there, and breakdown what their success rates mean to you.

1. Google Ads.

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to driving traffic to your website, Google is still king.

Many other options charge per ad displayed, rather than whether it drove traffic to the website. In Google’s case you pay per visitor to the site at an average cost of $1 per visit.

2. Facebook/ Twitter.

By themselves Facebook or Twitter won’t necessarily draw people to your website but what they are exceptional at is maintaining a long term relationship with your customers.

Facebook Ads perform poorly when compared to Google Ads for an independent website, however for a single person operation utilizing only Facebook and Twitter as their web presence Facebook Ads can be useful to increase “likes” and thereby increase your audience.

3. Blogging.

Having your own blog may seem like a lot of work but content is and always will be the single most effective way to get traffic to your website.

Whilst ever you are writing, people will be reading.

You should post 1 blog a week for it to benefit your site but as a bonus you can connect Facebook and Twitter to your blog so that you only have to say things once.

4. E-Newsletters aka E-Blast.

Emails can be a tricky business. On one hand you want to let people know about the great things happening with your product but on the other you don’t want to be relegated to the {SPAM} folder and roundly ignored.

Generally, the best rule of thumb is not to email someone who hasn’t requested it, which makes E-Newsletters a good tool for connecting with established customers.

5. Groupon.

Unless you’re planning to artificially inflate your prices to compensate for having to hand half your profits to Groupon it can be difficult to make this particular advertising strategy work for you.

People on Groupon are generally there to bargain shop so although you might see a spike in sales from new customers whom normally might not seek out your product they aren’t likely to return and pay full price in the future.

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