Since way back in the flip phone days of 2004, Facebook has been a social media innovator. Their newest change is a form of advertising, the mid roll video ad. These mid roll ads are similar to the ads that you skip as fast as you can before videos on YouTube, but instead of pf playing before the video, they are played in the middle of videos and...
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When posting on social media, you are opening up the door for people to comment whatever they want – sometimes negatively. No one wants to see negative social media posts, and responding to negativity on social media can sometimes be hard! You don’t want to seem unprofessional by responding back harshly, but you also don’t...
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In recent years, acts of terrorism have increased throughout the world. Research shows that terror attacks have increased by an alarming 71%. Every morning, after waking up with our much needed coffee, we are confronted by various news outlets of new forms of violence and ways that the government entities are working to prevent future...
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Online advertising works and in this internet and digital age the methods of getting your message to the customer are practically limitless. The question then becomes which of those choices provide tangible results, rather than leaving you feeling like you are shouting into a void? Let us examine some of the most popular selections of...
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