Successful marketing is all about being where your consumers are. There are many circumstances that can change the channels through which media is consumed. One of the biggest causes of media change are the seasons. Think about it…do you watch as much TV in the summer as you do in the winter? Chances are, you...
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On January 27th, we made a slight, little change…We moved! We have moved to the beautiful town of East Greenwich right on Main Street. Our team worked hard breaking down the old office and setting up the new one in what could go down in history as the easiest move ever! Don’t believe us? Check...
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Every morning we wake up, pour ourselves a cup of coffee and scroll through Facebook to see what’s new on the daily feed. Eventually (and unfortunately) you get up to get dressed and ready to go. Some days are easier then others, but still a very important decision considering you’ll be in those clothes all...
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At PMC we believe that creativity is not just a hat that can be put on and taken off. We live it. We work hard, we play hard and we have fun!

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