Media Change Throughout the Seasons – Where to Invest

Successful marketing is all about being where your consumers are. There are many circumstances that can change the channels through which media is consumed. One of the biggest causes of media change are the seasons. Think about it…do you watch as much TV in the summer as you do in the winter? Chances are, you don’t because of the weather!


Knowing where to spend money on media is the key to successful reach and engagement. Let’s start with summer. All of the sudden, the TVs get turned off, the music starts blasting, and the fun begins! Traditional television struggles during the summer because most people are outside with their cell phones in hand snapping away at the beautiful views. During the summer, the best choice is to invest in social media marketing, mobile marketing and radio ads.



During the fall and winter season is when the largest media change occurs. This is the time for traditional TV to rise again because of the start of new TV series and chilly days. We all know that being cuddled up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate is one of the best things during winter. Investing in TV ads is the best way to go for fall and winter!



Spring is like summer in many ways. With the rise in temperature, you also have a rise in radio listeners. People can’t wait to roll their windows down and jam to their favorite tunes. This is an ideal outlet to reach your consumer!


As you can see, media change during the seasons directly impacts reaching your consumers. Knowing where to invest in media will increase your audience and create more engagement. Happy advertising!

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