Pinterest: Not Just for Soccer Moms, but Your Business’s Next Digital Marketing Strategy

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The holiday season is here and everyone will be flocking to Pinterest to find the perfect holiday centerpiece inspiration, or recipes for the best turkey ever. How can you leverage this burst of traffic to benefit your business and add it to your digital marketing strategy?

What exactly is Pinterest?

Sure, we’ve all heard our moms, grandmas, aunts, etc… talk about their latest Pinterest masterpieces… or fails (don’t worry, we won’t tell) but what exactly is Pinterest? Pinterest is a platform for crowd sourced visual content that is grouped into topics or boards. It’s a social network that allows users to share ideas and interests in a visual way that, honestly, can become quite addictive. Pinterest is unique social media platform in that it displays content organically, as opposed to the reverse chronological order that we’ve grown accustomed to on so many other platforms. With 13 million users, Pinterest is quickly becoming the social platform on every brands radar. 87% of people have bought something because of Pinterest, so don’t count it out when looking at social media platforms for your brand.

Does your brand have a natural place on Pinterest?

Before adding a Pinterest account to your brands social list, there are a few things to keep in mind. Pinterest has a very specific audience base, predominantly women at nearly 84%. People on Pinterest seek out beautifully composed imagery that is aligned with their interests and hobbies. This platform isn’t right for every business, so be sure to take a strategic look at your brand before investing your time and money into a Pinterest business account.

How to take advantage of all that Pinterest has to offer:

There are multiple features of Pinterest including fan boards, rich pins, and so much more that allow your brand to get the most out of the platform. Here’s a breakdown of some of these features. Fan boards allow your customers to have an interactive part in your brand. These boards are open to everyone. For restaurants and fashion brands this is an integral tool as followers can post pictures of their purchases, showcasing your brand and increasing engagement. Rich pins allow brands to feature more information on the pin, making it a great tool for businesses, as well as, a way to promote your pins so they can be seen by more people. The holiday season is the perfect time to focus your efforts on Pinterest since there is a burst of user traffic during the holiday season.

Expanding your reach:

So, you’ve determined that Pinterest is right for your brand, but how do you create a following and reach new people? Start by making all your images across all platforms shareable or “pin-able.” This allows your followers to do the hard work for you, and increase your reach by the chain reaction phenomena. Cross promoting pins on your brand’s other social platforms is a great way to gain reach by taking advantage of your already established following.

Demonstrating your expertise:

It can be easy to get lost in Pinterest and stray from your branding strategy. Be sure to have a plan before creating a Pinterest account. Create pins that are cohesive and branded that direct back to relevant material for your following is one way to show your expertise. If your brand has a blog, link it to a Pinterest post. Use relevant, industry-related keywords for your board names and text to appear in more searches organically. Experiment with search, on Pinterest there are tiles that appear under the main search bar to guide users to pins with similar themes- use these to your advantage when looking for keywords!

How to tell if Pinterest is working for your brand:

Now that you’ve given Pinterest a try in your digital marketing strategy, how do you track your results? Take advantage of Pinterest’s analytics feature to track following and engagement. Look at the most re-pinned and liked content when determining what to post next, and what is working for your brand. It is not enough to solely look at how your pins are doing, as a brand, you should be looking at your overall marketing strategy in order to see if Pinterest is helping or hurting. A successful Pinterest account will increase traffic to your website and other social platforms if utilized correctly.

Pinterest is no longer a place for just moms and grandmas looking for crafts and the next best Keto recipe. Pinterest is a fun, visual platform that is essential for maintaining a digital presence for highly visual products and services that millions enjoy each day.

Ready to increase your brand’s social media presence with Pinterest? Incorporate Pinterest into your marketing strategy this holiday season. Contact us today for a consultation with our social media team.

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