Pinterest Marketing Predictions for 2018

Although Pinterest may not be as significant as other Social Media platforms used in Marketing efforts, the pin network has started to climb up the latter in 2017, and doesn’t plan on slowing down in the new year. With the development of new tools and innovations, here are some of the ways we predict Pinterest will prove to be a strong marketing tool in the near future.

The Shift towards an eCommerce Market Place

Moving away from its origin of being a solely “social network”, Pinterest is switching gears to becoming an Ecommerce market place. During this transformation, the platform has recently developed instream buying options as well as advanced advertising types which has improved the buying process for users. It’s anticipated that in 2018, there will be a greater focus on this aspect of their network, which will make finding and buying products as simple as possible for their users without having to leave the site or app.


As a part of their advanced advertising types, Pinterest will have more of a spotlight on videos. Being a successful tool in the world of digital marketing, videos will gain a broader acceptance on the Pinterest Network as a whole in the coming months, allowing marketers to engage Pinterest users with video content that will resonate with their target audience.

Improvement of their Taste Graph

Pinterest’s Taste Graph is an assortment of options and categories built around the behavior of users. It lets Pinterest target ads based on certain consumer trends. In 2017, this was a main focus in marketing efforts- and it’s not slowing down. They’ve recently announced they are creating a self-service insight tool which will be accessible to business users in 2018. The tool is powered by Pinterest’s Taste Graph and it will give brands insight into their audiences’ top interests and categories, right down to the specifics like paint color, kitchen designs, and style preferences. This will create a more clear-cut, functional targeting option that will aid advertisers in reaching the right consumers, with the most accurate timing, using the right offers.



Interactive Profiles

In the new year Pinterest is also looking to offer users the option for their profiles to include customization and presentation preferences. In an effort to achieve this in the near future, they will be bringing in a showcase option for businesses in order to allow them to display their products in an organized, visually engaging setting.

Growth of “Lens”

They began introducing users to their Lens feature, and it is rapidly becoming one of the most important tools on Pinterest. The function allows users to search specific pins by snapping a picture of a real-life object. In 2018, the platform is working towards taking it a step further. It will not only give users the opportunity to search for items but also use AR tools to overlay specific products onto your real-world scene. Using camera as the new keyboard, their goal in the upcoming year is to use visual behind the scene signals to construct more helpful and suitable result-driven advertising, instead of just using keywords and interests.



How Will Pinterest Help Your Marketing Efforts this Year?

Ultimately, their anticipated developments for the upcoming year are to help businesses get to know your target demographic, guiding your decision of which advertising material will grab their attention. Keep an eye out for these updated tools, they will definitely prove to be useful in reaching and creating a personal connection with your desired audience!

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