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New technology is going to bring along new trends, especially on social media.  Live video is the current trend that has all the attention and has become a popular way to communicate engaging messages.  It is unfiltered and uncut, something that customers can relate to.  Live video happens in real time, so customers get a sense that they are there with you, being a part of a conversation. Start using live video to enhance your brand and reach your customers on a whole new level.

Unique Content

Live video offers truly unique content with each individual stream. It creates a more casual setting, which is great for natural back-and-forth conversation.  Offering this unfiltered look inside your business gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at your business. Customers love when they can relate to the people who run a business, especially one they love.  

Easy and Cheap

Businesses always love hearing the words easy and cheap together, especially when it is about something as engaging as live video.  Live video streams are a way to get around fancy equipment and production costs that come with a regular video shoot.  All you need is a smartphone with the social platform you want to stream on.  You don’t have to worry about video quality, editing, or a production crew.  Everything you need can be done on your own and straight through the app.

Connection with Fans

Live video lets you connect with your fans in real time.  Fans can ask questions on your live stream that you can then answer right away.  This kind of connection with your fans is priceless.  Being able to create a relationship with your customer is more important than the content you put out.  Live videos can work as a back and forth discussion between you and every fan watching.  If a customer knows they can get feedback while watching a live video, they are more likely to return.

Real-Time Feedback

During your live stream, you can keep track of metrics like the number of followers, likes, and the number of questions asked.  You can see what parts of your video were the most popular and what parts weren’t. This kind of real-time feedback is a way to quickly get a sense of what your customers think about your brand and what they want more of.  Rather than waiting for responses to videos or post that could take weeks, you can get the feedback you want right away.

Types of Platforms

Facebook is the default video streaming platform and you will be able to reach the largest audience.  Use Facebook if you want to present a marketing message, experiment, and track results.  Twitter has a partnership with the streaming app Periscope, so your streams will show up on both apps.  Twitter is more for spontaneous videos showing events that are going on. Instagram is the most casual and doesn’t save your videos for later viewing, which makes sense for one-time events you want to feature.

Start using live video on all platforms to see which works best for your audience.  Enhance your brand and create the relationship with your customers that is worth a lifetime.

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