Holiday Stress? I Think You Mean Holiday Impress! – How Social Networks Will Help You During the Holiday Season

December…. You either love it or hate it. Holiday planning can be enough to make you go off the deep end, but we are here to make sure that doesn’t happen! How do you usually spread the word about your holiday celebration? Is it something along the lines of, “I called Uncle Dave and he is calling Aunt Kerri who will text long lost cousin Mary?” This game of telephone is very common with traditional holiday gatherings. Well, no more! I am going to share some social networks that will help you stay organized and sane during the holiday season. Using social media planning tools such as Pinterest and Facebook are great places to start:



social media planning tools


First, Pinterest. This is a great network to use if you are always looking for new ideas to spruce up your gathering. It is also a great network if you are having a total mental breakdown about what center pieces to use this year. (You’re not alone). Just type anything into the search bar and in seconds you’ll have a million different ideas. A great feature on Pinterest is being able to create boards. You can pin any photo or idea to a board and have everything you need for that event in one place. HOW AWESOME! I guarantee once you search Pinterest, you will blow your guests away with creative and easy-to-make items at your gathering.


Now that you have the perfect plan for your event, it’s time to take the next step, Facebook. Social media planning tools like Facebook allow you to create events in the easiest way. All you need to do is click events, create event, add details and click create. WALLA! Once you have your event created, you can choose to make it public or private. I prefer choosing the private option just so the crazy neighbor doesn’t show up unexpectedly. Once you’ve got that covered you can start inviting guests. The invitees have the option to choose yes, no or maybe when they are invited to the event. This will make your RSVP list very easy to keep track of. Check the Facebook group once a day to view and answer any questions from your guests to avoid your phone ringing off the hook!


Another feature that will help you with your planning and overall satisfaction of your event is the option to create a poll. I’m sure last year one of your family members told you that they didn’t like your mashed potatoes, very loudly I might add. Here is your chance to ask your guests what they want to see on the table. To do this, you click create a poll, enter your question and then click add poll to enter the options for your group members. Whichever ones get the most votes get served on that day and now you have a reasoning as to why they were chosen. Take that Aunt Betty, my mashed potatoes came in first place!


Now, take a deep breath because with these social media planning tools I have no doubt that you will plan the best holiday event of the year! Ready, set, PLAN!

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