Giving Back this Holiday Season Through Community Involvement

‘Tis the season for giving back so how can your brand give back to the community, and why
should you? There has been a significant increase in the importance for a business to connect
itself to the local community in the eyes of consumers. According to a study conducted by Cone
Communications and Echo Research, 83% of U.S consumers consider corporate social
responsibility when deciding which products and services to purchase.
Why should your brand prioritize community involvement and giving back? Taking time out of your busy
schedule and paying your employees to do the same may sound counter-productive, but
community involvement can help boost internal relationships and help business owners
increase trust and employee morale.
Below are just a few of the reasons why community involvement might be one of your most
useful business strategies:

  1. Grow internal relationships:
    Not only does community involvement help the people living in the local community,
    but it can also help build a better relationship between the people working within your
    business. Community involvement allows for employees to interact in an environment
    that differs from that of the workplace. This allows employees to get to know each other
    and work together in a different way – which has been proven to increase productivity
    and employee satisfaction.
  2. Increase brand awareness:
    Community involvement is a great way to get your brand’s name and message out
    without the use of traditional advertising. It also creates opportunity for unique social
    media content. Posting about an organization that your business supports is a great way
    to increase engagement across social media platforms. Word-of-mouth is one of the
    easiest ways for your brand to earn new customers and increase sales. Getting your
    brand out in front of more people is an easy way for people to learn more about your
    company and also keep the business top of mind.
  3. Connect with community members:
    While attending events and giving back to the community you will inherently meet people who
    are looking for your services and/or products, whether you realize it or not. Making
    meaningful, personal connections with members of the community is a great way to
    keep your brand in the front of your audience’s mind. Connecting with the community
    also shows your commitment and willingness to go beyond what other businesses
    traditionally do.
  4. Gain trust:
    87% of Gen Y workers said that they value their company’s dedication to social
    responsibility and would consider quitting if the program started to slip. Not only will
    giving back help you earn the trust of your current employees, but it will also give your
    company an advantage when hiring new employees.
    Interested in getting involved in your community, but not sure where to start? Here are a few
    ways your brand can become active within the community:
  5. Teach a class
    Teaching a class can help showcase your expertise in your business’ industry. This gives
    members of the community a “hands on look” at what your brand is all about, and some
    of the products and services you offer.
  6. Sponsor an event
    This was a great way to help a more than worthy cause and have some fun doing it!
    Sponsoring an event can help get your business out in the public’s eye while offering a
    new way to network with members of the community. PMC recently practiced this
    philosophy by sponsoring the Denim and Diamonds Gala hosted by the Boys and Girls of
  7. Volunteer your time
    Volunteering your time is the cheapest and most meaningful way to get involved in the
    community. As mentioned earlier, face-to-face interactions are statistically more
    beneficial than any advertisement. Relating your brand to actual personalities and faces
    to your brand is the best way to see an increase in traffic to your business.
    We’ve taken our own advice and put it into action. On November 17th, the PMC team visited
    the Boys & Girls Club of Providence’s Fox Point Clubhouse to assist with passing out
    Thanksgiving dinners to local families in need. This was a great way to get the team together,
    outside of the office, for some fun helping the local community. In total, 50 meals were given
    away and we can’t wait to do it again next year!

“The love you give is equal to the love you get” – Paul McCaurtney When considering your
brand’s next strategic move, look no further than right outside of the office! Get involved
within your own community to increase production, revenue, and workplace mood- there’s no
better time than the holiday season to get out and give back! In a hyper-competitive business
environment, face-to-face interactions and community involvement can give you the advantage
when looking to hire new employees and reach new audiences.

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