Viral video marketing is becoming a huge and effective trend in the marketing world. It is not just an effective platform for major brands, but small businesses as well.

It is hard to get noticed on social media, because of how fast it keeps growing each and every day. Viral videos are a great way to cut through the clutter. You can do this by evoking emotion. They typically are humorous or thought-provoking. They may even cause anger or anxiety. These emotional elements are what drives people to share.

Marketing campaigns are implementing viral video strategies to really make a splash on social media, in order to drive a message more effectively.


A good example is the “Imagine the Possibilities” video by Barbie.

See below to check it out

This ad went mainstream with over 21 million views, because it’s humorous, adorable, and empowering. As a result, this was an effective way to re-brand Barbie and inspire young girls to be whatever they want to be.

Small businesses can use similar marketing tactics to make an impact in their own communities. PMC can help you with video marketing on social media by developing a unique strategy for your business, and even providing video production! Your business deserves to stand out through the power of viral video.


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