Simple Content Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Busy business owners need to market but they also need to prioritize. Your staffers might pitch in with blogging or tweeting along with their other unrelated responsibilities, and it’s essential that their time is maximized. You can content market and ensure that your ultimate goals are still being met without breaking the “time and resources” bank. Here are a few tips to manage a content strategy while keeping your focus.

Know your audience. Before you can determine what type of content to provide, you should put yourself in your readers’ shoes. What are they looking for? How can your posts save them time, money or hassle? Many businesses are hesitant to list things like specific pricing information online, but if your customer base is highly likely to search for that kind of content, then it is worth considering. Similarly, you might anticipate online searches by posting product comparisons or how-to articles that deliver transparency and trust. If you aren’t sure, reach out to your customers and ask them what they need and what problems you can solve for them online.

Quality over quantity. Posting frequently ensures fresh content and that your articles will stay at the top of certain RSS feeds. However, if the information you’re posting isn’t getting traction, your company isn’t getting value. Think hard about what you might put into one engaging and informative weekly blog post, since that might be more beneficial than five articles that don’t say much at all. Not only will your readers and potential customers be more likely to view your business as an authority on the subject, but search engines will place greater value on it and thus rank your site higher than the competition.

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