Sensationalism VS Social Good – The Social Media Conundrum


Millions of accounts are active on social media platform daily, sharing photographs, articles, and statements about anything and everything going on around the world. Scroll through your Twitter account right now. I bet you saw a few memes about Harambe and a ton of people hating on Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Scrolling down a little bit further, Hillary and Trump likely made an appearance alongside Kendall Jenner, the queen on New York Fashion Week. And if you have the Galaxy Note 7, you’re probably re-thinking that purchase…


The power of social media has changed the news vertical for generations today, for both good and bad. Scrolling through the #trendingtopics each and every day can be extremely overwhelming – everything is an outrage, but everything is also a chance to do good.


Social media has become an outlet for:


Support System

Last Sunday was the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11. With heavy hearts, there were beautifully written articles, jaw-dropping photos, and unimaginable stories shared across the Internet. Documentaries were aired on T.V. and America came together to support one another.


The deepest sympathies were made public through the most powerful 140 character tweets and photos of the breathtaking memorials and remembrance ceremonies posted on Instagram. Snapchat had a featured story that live streamed the different events happening across the world from Obama’s speech at the Pentagon to Trump and Hillary’s attendance at the ceremony in held in New York.


People began publicly sharing their own stories of where they were when they found out the terrible news fifteen years ago. As a society, we have become completely transparent. The mood of each of these platforms was changed in the remembrance of tragedy and brought the United States together as complete strangers to lift each other up.


Just For Smiles

This week, Glimpse introduced their latest campaign, the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (C.A.T.S). A group of volunteers raised enough money to remind people that everyone had the power to make an impact. They are not selling a product, they are selling nothing but free smiles.


#CatsNotAds has become the hashtag where London commuters are sharing their experience with the 68 pictures of kitties found in a South London tube station. C.A.T.S wants viewers to think about the world a little differently than usual. Since the launch of this campaign, pictures are constantly being posted on Instagram and Twitter and the outcome is putting smiles on faces around the world.


At the end of the day or during downtime, scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has become a norm. With such heavy topics and an astronomical user base, it can be nothing short of overwhelming. The power of media in today’s society has forced this generation to more closely understand and investigate news topics while challenging each and every one of us to educate ourselves even more.

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