Stay in the Know | How to Keep Up With Latest Marketing Trends

The marketing world is ever changing and sometimes it is very hard to keep up with the latest marketing trends. There are many ways you can keep up by using websites that you probably already use daily. These sites will be your go-to for new information.


The first that I would like to touch on is LinkedIn. Many people use this site only for job searching, but it is actually full of useful information! There are many articles that can be useful for you on LinkedIn. All you have to do is join the right group to get that information. It’s as simple as typing in any of your interests in the search bar! Once you click enter you will have a list of different groups that may interest you. After requesting to join the group, someone will approve your request and then you will have access to the latest news in the industry! Check this daily to stay current and even discover a new interest of yours!


If you’re someone who refreshes his or her Instagram feed more than you blink then the Instagram Explore page is for you. Once you get to the explore page you may see a video of a cute kitten playing with string-ignore it! You’re here for one reason and one reason only: to track the latest marketing trends. You can type in things like, “Marketing Trends” or “Social Media Trends” and Instagram will filter every post that has used those sayings. Once this is done, you can click your little heart out!


Lastly, you can use Twitter’s search bar. Just like LinkedIn and Instagram, all you have to type in is what you’re searching for. Then you can scroll through and find out what can be useful to you. Twitter is a great and quick resource to find out what is trending in the marketing world!


Now instead of scrolling through your feeds looking for something interesting, make it happen yourself! Get searching!

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