Facebook’s recent updates are going to impact the marketing industry in a major way. With several new updates coming, Facebook is changing the game by adding several new features that will change how we use the social platform forever. Brands are paying attention because these 5 features could impact how we market on Facebook, and of course, PMC will be paying attention!

Instant Articles

A feature for publishers who create a ton of online content and articles. This feature will allow for articles to load instantly in a Newsfeed. This will lead for more engagement, speed, and less article abandonment. This will also help publishers gain more readers, and their articles and content can now have a greater impact.

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Live Video

This new feature is giving direct competitors like Periscope and Meerkat a run for their money. This new feature can completely squash the competition because of the size and popularity of the Facebook platform. Facebook is making it available for people to live broadcast. It is completely interactive, and will give insights such as number of viewers, likes, and reach. This video will then be posted to the user profile after the live broadcast is done. This feature brings a lot of opportunity, and brands are already thinking of creative ways to incorporate it within their social media marketing efforts. This could be especially useful for public relations events.

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Snapchat-like Photo and Video Options

Facebook is also adding filters and editing tools similar to Snapchat. This is a fun way to make the content personalized and engaging. You will be able to apply these tools to your live broadcasts.


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Shops and Service Tabs

Facebook is now incorporating E-commerce options. Pages will now have the option to add a “shop section” or “service” tab, allowing consumers to directly purchase right from the page! This is huge because most company Facebook pages try to get consumers to go to the website, which can always be a struggle, now consumers wont have to go to another source to place their order which will lead to higher sales. Posting about sale or deal, will provide a higher response rate if costumers can instantly purchase within Facebook.

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Facebook Page’s Messenger

Facebook is now revamping its messenger for business Facebook pages. This is helpful for pages with heavy traffic that receive a lot of messages that can become hard to handle. This feature also allows companies to have a customizable instant reply, supply and messenger greeting, or even alert the person of the response time. This will help keep better and more organized track of consumer’s questions, comments, and concerns.

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We can see how these updates can certainly help do great things for companies using Facebook. Here at PMC, we pay special attention to these changes to ensure success for our clients. Coming up with the most innovative ways to use social media marketing is crucial for our success and the success of our clients!



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