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Few things get your brand more exposure than partnering with a top-of-the-line celebrity to endorse your product. People love famous people, and when a brand or product becomes synonymous with a star athlete or A-list actor, it usually sells incredibly well. That’s because endorsements increase consumer confidence. Endorsements are great for corporations, but what about small, local businesses who don’t have that kind of capital? That’s where influencer marketing comes in.

Influencer marketing is a newer form of product endorsement that is based around social media. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media users with large followings – from the thousands to the millions – have become a new avenue for brands and marketers alike to reach their target audience. Scroll through the Instagram account of a famous celebrity, say Taylor Swift, and you’ll quickly find some posts that are promoting a product, event, or a brand. Posts can range from the subtle to the obvious, and sometimes they’ll include the hashtag “#ad” to distinguish even further.

But the best part of influencer marketing is that you don’t need these A-listers to get your much-needed brand exposure. Own a bakery in Providence? Consider shelling out a few hundred bucks to a local foodie who can’t stop posting daily pics of their dessert. Creating a new fashion line? Partner with a popular local model and see the likes roll in. Trying to create awareness for your tech retail store? Have a popular YouTube channel like TechSmartt say a few words about your business. Whatever influencer avenue you choose to take, make sure that your influencer is actually relevant to what your business is about. Promoting your fashion line through an athlete is probably not going to reach your desired audience.

Really low on funds to spend? Micro-influencer marketing is an even newer marketing trend, and requires little more than some company swag. Partnering with 50 small accounts to sell your merchandise will get you brand exposure, and that exposure is much more trustworthy to users compared to celebrity posting.

You’re not alone in navigating the world of influencer marketing. PMC Media Group is your partner to help you build your brand to new heights. We’re always looking for new ways to bring you brand awareness, as well as dollars to your wallet. Give us a call or stop by today!

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