How to Utilize Instagram Stories

Vanishing content has become the buzz on Instagram within the past few months. At first, you were probably like, “What’s the point of this”. Many people don’t understand why having an option to feature a photo or video for only 24 hours would be appealing to users. However, this tool can be an asset to your business if used correctly! 

You can use Instagram stories for many different reasons! From sharing business news to showcasing current specials and using video, you can give consumers a real feel for your brand.  



Sharing News 

Instagram stories are an ideal place to share exciting news. For example, if your company just launched a new website for a client, you can post a photo and tag the client. This shows your potential clients the work that you are creating and also shows appreciation for the client that you are currently working with. Also, this news doesn’t have to be directly related to your business. Did you stumble upon a cool Thanksgiving recipe? Share it on your story with a link for your users! By doing this, you’ll increase potential viewership and user engagement. 

Sharing Specials/Deals 

Instagram Stories are a great way to share specials and deals. To make this information engaging, you can make your Instagram story into a game for the consumer. You can make them click through your entire story, maybe about 4-5 pictures, to end up at the last picture which would announce the sale or deal. This builds up excitement for the consumer and also makes them view more information about your business leading up to the sale.  

Showing your Customer the real you! 

Most of the time, Instagram photos are edited or modified to please the customer. With Instagram stories, you are able to show the authentic business. This can be as simple as posting a quick video of your team working in the office or something planned out like employee features each week. Also, you can use Instagram stories for contests. You can create a post saying to view your Instagram story for contest guidelines. This is where they can go for all contest information like the winner announcement!  



Instagram stories are the new way to improve engagement! Utilizing this tool can improve your Instagram followers, likes and overall attractiveness to the consumer. At PMC Media Group, we strive to reach the highest levels of social media success. Let us help yoget your brand out there! 

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