How to Audit your Brand

Auditing your Brand is a crucial part of having an overall successful business. Analyzing each aspect of your brand online is an efficient way to make sure your presence is being showcased to your customers in the right way. Knowing where your brand is, where you want it to be, and the steps it takes to get there can all be accomplished through auditing. Make a list of the direction you want your brand to go in. Whether you want a strong following or you want to engage your existing customers more and get to know them, simply having an end goal is the first step. After all, the majority of decisions you make for your brand will be built off these objectives. 

Determine your Demographic.  

Use Facebook insights, under the “people” tab, to determine who your business is currently reaching. You can see the primary age, gender, and area where your followers are from.  Keep this information in mind when you’re creating content for your Social Media pages. Are your followers scattered from different areas, but your goal reaching the local community? Try following more local accounts, share their posts and try to get them to mention your pages on each platform, or share posts of how your company is engaged in the community.



Analyze your Posts.

Analytics are the most important tools to utilize when creating an audit. On Facebook and Twitter, look at the last month. Measure how many people engaged in your posts, how many followers your page has overall, how many views your pages have received, and how many people your post reached. If it’s increased, make note of the tactics used in these posts, and use them in upcoming efforts.

Measuring Success Website Views and Sales.

An important way to measure the success of your brand is how many people have either reached out to your company via website submission. Look at how much traffic you drive to your website from each platform. Is it enough? If you are and still not getting the desired results, analyze your website all together Once a customer lands on your site, is it up to date enough to keep them interested in learning more?

Create A SWOT Analysis. 

A SWOT analysis gives you the chance to put ideas together and understand how they affect not only one another but ultimately your brand. Using this tactic helps you further understand your brand and how to take advantage of your strengths, address your weaknesses, capitalize opportunities, and diminish threats.


Strengths and Weaknesses

In the first part of your SWOT analysis, list out any strong points of your business. Focus on what your company does well, what unique skills or experience your brand possesses, and what gives you an edge over your competitors. Then, take an honest look at which parts of your business need improvement. Could your online presence be more prominent? Analyzing the negatives vital to ensure that your business is moving forward, not backwards.

Opportunities and Threats

For the opportunities category of a SWOT analysis, look at your business currently and what your short-term and long-term goals are, and what your business needs to do to achieve them. Think about ways that your business can grow it’s existing customer base. The bigger you think, the more opportunities you’ll uncover. The final part of this analysis is to identify threats that could hurt the success of your brand. Be aware of competition and know what their strengths are. If they’re Social Media accounts are more successful, evaluate what they’re doing to get ahead. The more informed you are about potential road blocks, the better prepared you are to face these problems head on.

Overall, creating an audit for your brand gives you a perspective of your business you otherwise wouldn’t see. It allows you to set goals and understand the steps needed to achieve the desired outcome by analyzing what works and what does not. Follow these steps, stay organized and in front of competition, and grow your vision into your brand!

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