Have you been reacting on Facebook lately? It has been about 3 months since the initial launch of Facebook reactions (ranging from “wow!” to “angry”) extending our Facebook emotions past a “like” button, These 5 emojis are called “Love” “HAHA” “Wow” “Sad” and “Angry”. They were made as a response to users feeling like not every post was “Likable”, and with over a year of development, Facebook delivered.

This past Mother’s Day Facebook tried to take its reaction feature one-step further by testing its brand new “temporary reactions” feature on Mother’s Day. Facebook made it so that user could leave a flower in celebration of all mother’s out there. It was only temporary and could only be used that day only, though the flower will always remain.

The temporary reactions, along with all the new ones, are getting mixed responses. Facebook looks to keep testing it out and making improvements so it can really take off. It will be interesting to see if this feature will be a success or flop, and how other social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter look to compete or implement them in a newer or better way.



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