Employee Spotlight: A DTailed Interview

An Interview with Chief Operations Officer Derin Temel

– 1 –

Q: So Mr. Derin Temel, better known as DT, you and your partner, Darren Jodoin have been working in advertising for quite some time. How did you get into the ad game?

A: ”I had been involved in sales and marketing for the printing industry for many years in Connecticut. With my first mortgage and a baby on the way I was looking       for an opportunity to grow my income in an industry which offered a creative environment! Enter CableRep Advertising in Manchester Connecticut, my home for the next 13 years.”


– 2 –

Q: What made you want to move out of the “corporate America” business setting, and start your own business?

A: ”Over the years I had worked directly with dozens of ad agencies across the county. You begin to form opinions on best practices relative to what works and what doesn’t. Eventually Darren and I came to the conclusion that there was a better way to help clients grow their business and with that revelation came the birth of PMC!”


– 3 –

Q: What has been the key component for the unbelievable growth PMC has been able to accomplish?

A: ”No one single element defines PMC, but if I had to focus on one aspect that makes this company different…it’s the amazing team we’ve assembled. The mantra in the office is…“What have I done for the client today?!” We take a vested interest in the success of each and every business we partner with.”


– 4 –

Q: How are you able to manage so many different accounts, with so many different personalities, and so many different worries?

A: ”The variety and scope of PMC’s client list is really what makes this business so much fun. One day you’re belly to belly with an attorney talking about his or her practice and the next day you’re working on creative content for a startup restaurant! Over the years I’ve helped clients sell everything from Acupuncture to Zeppoles!”


– 5 –

Q: If you weren’t working in advertising, what would you be doing?

A: “A small coffee shop/café has been something that I’ve always dreamed about.  After college I saw a very close friend leave his corporate job to hop a plane to Grand Cayman where, 25 years later, he and his wife run a beautiful beachside restaurant. For me it’s coastal Maine. Still selling this as a retirement option to my wife”


– 6 –

Q: What is the key to maintaining a successful relationship as an advertiser?

A: ”Listening to problems and offering solutions. The one word that is never uttered in the office is “Can’t”. At PMC we’re all about solving problems.”


– 7 –

Q: What is the funniest, most memorable thing you’ve ever done with a client?

A: ”It was years ago…I’d been trying to secure a meeting with a big client…I knew he was a seasoned pilot and we both had a passion for flying. I rented a small private plane from a local airport and we spent the afternoon flying to Hartford for lunch. You can’t walk out on a meeting when you’re 5,000 up in the air! The tough part was burying the rental of a plane into my monthly expense report!!”


– 8 –

Q: In a business where there are multiple deadlines EVERYDAY, how do you alleviate the stress?

A: ”There is nothing that can happen in the course of the day that can’t be offset by a walk on the beach at home in Westerly. There is something incredibly therapeutic about the ocean that melts away all the cares of the day!!”


– 9 –

Q: What’s your favorite activity on the weekend?

A:”Doesn’t matter what I’m doing as long as it’s with my family!!!”


– 10 –

Q: You marketers have time to eat right? If so, what’s your favorite thing to eat?

A: ”I’m a burger & fries guy…The Ma-Ma-Mubai at Crazy Burger is a personal favorite, but I’ve never met a grilled T-bone I didn’t like!!”


– 11 –

Q: Why did you decide to partner with another Darren anyway?

A: ”The D&D show has been going strong for almost 20 years. It was never a matter of if we’d join forces…it was just what we’d do and when we’d do it!! DJ and I have developed the perfect synergy and while our styles are different, they really complement each other in an amazing way!!”

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