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Investing in video content can create a vast amount of brand awareness. However, a video is only as effective as its editing. A video ad spot should be edited for the platform it is going to be featured on. For example a ten second video is better suited for a platform like Instagram rather than...
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Social media is a revolutionary public relations tool that is changing how messages are being communicated to the public. Traditional public relations is no longer a one-way method of communication. It is now becoming a dialogue between the company and consumers, as seen last week when the iconic breakfast chain iHop revealed that it would...
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Few things get your brand more exposure than partnering with a top-of-the-line celebrity to endorse your product. People love famous people, and when a brand or product becomes synonymous with a star athlete or A-list actor, it usually sells incredibly well. That’s because endorsements increase consumer confidence. Endorsements are great for corporations, but what about...
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There’s never a bad time of the year to give – charities always need support around the clock. But something about the holidays just gives us that extra spark to donate to those who haven’t been as fortunate – money, toys, clothes, etc. As a business, charity work is not only personally rewarding (do it...
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Out with the Halloween costumes in with the Holiday decorations, right? The most wonderful time of the year is at our fingertips, but this year we have a few hurdles to jump before we start seeing garland wrapped pillars and sparkling lights throughout town. The presidential campaign and upcoming election has caused several companies to...
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    What do you think of when you hear “PR”?   If the words “damage control” come to mind, you’re not alone.   It seems the only time we even refer to public relations is when a business does something terribly wrong. Out of fear of public outcry, the business enters crisis management mode. We...
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