Can You Expand Your Customer Base With Almost no Budget?

By the power of innovative marketing, yes you can!

The market is flooded with ways to get your message to your customers. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all leading the charge on the social media front. Go Daddy offers SEO optimization and Google offers Adwords for your website.

What do all of these things have in common?

They each have their own merits and detractions, some are more cost effective than others but at the end of the day utilizing them to their fullest requires an outlay of money.

When done wisely, putting money into advertising is never a waste but one cannot spend what one does not have.

What do you do if your business is stuck in a catch 22 situation?

You need money to advertise but to get that budget, you need more customers. However, you can’t get more customers without advertising.

What steps can a savvy business owner in this predicament take to get the marketing ball rolling?

1. Check out the competition’s website.

Make certain yours is comparable, if not superior. Your business might not easily lend itself to online ordering, or perhaps as an Owner you’re not yet ready to make that leap into cyber space.

No worries! Having a stream-lined, Professional looking gallery website to showcase your product will go a long way to giving a customer the confidence to order with your company.

2. Put feet to pavement. (Or ear to phone)

Are there any groups nearby that would benefit from your product, or perhaps already use a similar item.

Contact them! Find out what they currently use your product for, or what they could use it for and how they make their decisions on what they purchase.

Don’t just send them an e-mail/letter, but actually phone them or ‘bump’ into the decision maker at an event or activity.

3. Leverage existing customers.

Who currently buys the products and for what occasions? Why did they select you? Is there a way to leverage your current customers to get new ones, perhaps by providing an incentive for each account they refer.

4. Do you have an e-newsletter?

One of your goals as a business owner has to be raising awareness of other products to existing customers. Getting people to sign up for an e-newsletter, whether online on the website or in-person at the store,  can be a great way to get existing customers back into the store.

There are several e-mail newsletter options you can choose from and most have a free option for contact lists under a certain size.

If you’re not already doing this for your business it’s an excellent monthly tool to increase the conversation about you and your product.

5. Blog about it!

Many businesses online make the mistake that SEO will be enough to attract customers. Whilst it can be a power tool you still want to give your customers a reason to visit your site regularly.

Content might be found in the form of a blog centered on your products and local activities related to your products. A trophy maker might blog about “Tips and Tricks For A Successful Competition.”


Have any suggestions , a tip that worked for you, or just want to talk to someone about how Paradigm can help you make the most of your advertising budget?

We want to hear from you!

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