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Have you ever seen some sort of advertisement that was unusual and caught your eye? For example, McDonalds french fries painted as the crosswalk, a KitKat park bench, or even an unusual giant painting on a building.  Whatever it may have been, all of these advertisements are using a similar strategy to convey a bold message.  This strategy is called Guerilla Marketing.


Guerilla Marketing is a very effective marketing strategy for little cost! It’s a way for businesses to promote something in an atypical way.  It is unique and unexpected.  This strategy requires- creativity, imagination, energy and a vision.  You want your message to be memorable and make an immediate impact.  Bringing attention and awareness to what you are trying to promote is what guerilla marketing is all about.



Costs: No matter what the budget is, a guerrilla marketing campaign can be made to accommodate a business. Due to the fact that this tactic is based solely upon creativity, the cost is determined by what resources are needed in order to convey a given message or raise brand awareness. Some projects can be done with a few posters and some tape, or a box of chalk. Others are more elaborate and require a little bit more funding.



Requirements: Location is key in order to maximize the bang for your buck. The campaign should be displayed in an area with a lot of foot traffic or slow moving car traffic. Cities and other crowded downtown areas are the perfect place to maximize the amount of attention the display will receive.


In order to captivate the attention of a passerby the tactic must also be eye catching in a beautiful or shocking way. This is where the creativity comes in. The campaign is only effective if it is creative and unique enough to attract viewers. The concept must also somehow tie in the message you’re trying to get across. The objective of the campaign is to reach a goal in a creative way so it’s important to keep those goals in mind when coming up with ideas.


Goals: The main goal of a guerrilla marketing campaign is to convey a business’s message in a creative way and attract customers without breaking a tight marketing budget.


PMC is always looking for ways to help do what’s best for your business.  Could a guerilla marketing strategy be just the thing your company needs? Let us help you get creative.

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