From 60 Seconds to 60 Minutes: IGtv

The way in which the public is consuming media has shifted significantly in the past few years. Mobile video is expected to account for 78% of all mobile traffic by 2021.

Social media giants can already be seen adjusting to this change. Facebook now has stories (videos or images that are shared with followers/friends for 24 hours) and Instagram just launched an entirely new platform: Instagram tv or IGtv.


What is IGtv:

Instagram launched IGtv to celebrate the achievement of reaching one billion users on June 20th. IGtv is a social platform separate from the traditional Instagram app that allows you to share and view videos. This may sound familiar, since Youtube has been in the video sharing business for years. So why is IGtv different? IGtv plays videos vertically to allow for the natural way we hold our smartphones, while still playing the video in a full screen format. IGtv is unlike the Instagram or Snapchat story feature in that videos can now be up to an hour long and will not disappear in 24 hours. It also allows you to include a link in the video’s description.


How brands can utilize it:

The new app encourages the collaboration of brands and amateur content creators. Younger audiences are looking for branded content that provides entertainment without  feeling like an advertisement. Certain brands can already be seen using IGtv successfully. Netflix used IGtv to post a video of actor, Cole Sprouse, eating a burger for a full 60 minutes in order to promote the series Riverdale. This video generated nearly 5,000 comments and 676,000 views. By utilizing IGtv, brands are able to expand their reach and get their content in front of new audiences. The longer time allowance makes it ideal for posting tutorials, interviews, reviews and educational information on products and brands.  


Before diving into IGtv here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Tell your story and let users know who you are and why you’re there – this creates a more personal connection with viewer.
  2. Keep the content light and fun.
  3. Know your audience and post content they want to see. Keep your personal opinions out of the mix.
  4. Take advantage of links within IGtv, which can increase website traffic.
  5. Experiment with content until you find a strategy that your viewers are most responsive to. Remember IGtv is new to all of us, so don’t be afraid to try new things.


IGtv provides brands with a unique opportunity to reach consumers on a more personal level and tell longer, more in-depth stories. If used correctly, IGtv has the potential to become one of the front-runners in digital marketing. 

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