December 2016
In recent years, acts of terrorism have increased throughout the world. Research shows that terror attacks have increased by an alarming 71%. Every morning, after waking up with our much needed coffee, we are confronted by various news outlets of new forms of violence and ways that the government entities are working to prevent future...
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December…. You either love it or hate it. Holiday planning can be enough to make you go off the deep end, but we are here to make sure that doesn’t happen! How do you usually spread the word about your holiday celebration? Is it something along the lines of, “I called Uncle Dave and he...
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There’s never a bad time of the year to give – charities always need support around the clock. But something about the holidays just gives us that extra spark to donate to those who haven’t been as fortunate – money, toys, clothes, etc. As a business, charity work is not only personally rewarding (do it...
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