May 2016
The Instagram universe has, for a very long time, thrived and differentiated from any other social media platform by having a chronological newsfeed as opposed to a popularity-driven one. It seems, however, that has all changed with Instagram’s newest rebranding efforts. Instagram, since being acquired by social media giant Facebook, has stated for a while...
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Have you been reacting on Facebook lately? It has been about 3 months since the initial launch of Facebook reactions (ranging from “wow!” to “angry”) extending our Facebook emotions past a “like” button, These 5 emojis are called “Love” “HAHA” “Wow” “Sad” and “Angry”. They were made as a response to users feeling like not every post...
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Viral video marketing is becoming a huge and effective trend in the marketing world. It is not just an effective platform for major brands, but small businesses as well. It is hard to get noticed on social media, because of how fast it keeps growing each and every day. Viral videos are a great way...
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